Mom Blasts BLM For Defending Man Who Shot Up Apartment, Got In 6 Hour Standoff With Police

On Wednesday, a standoff took place between Minneapolis police and 20-year-old Tekle Sundberg. The young black adult shot up an apartment complex, then barricaded himself in the building for 6-hours while refusing to talk with negotiators and even his own dad.

Video has been released showing the father pleading with his son over a microphone to surrender, even though it did not get the gunman out of the building.

“Tekle, this is your dad again. I need you to talk to the negotiators,” Mark Sundberg said. “They just want to talk to you right now, ok? Give them 30 seconds. That’s all. Just talk to the negotiators. They’re going to call.”

He eventually continued: “Tekle, this is your dad again. I love you. I know you love me. Please talk to the negotiators.”

“They really got to talk to you. Please do it, for me. Thanks,” Mark Sundberg later said with his voice breaking at the end.

Snipers were given the green light after 2 AM on Thursday. Resulting in Sundberg being shot and killed by police. As one might come to expect, BLM was quick to rush in and label the justified shooting as another vicious case of racism against black people.

In the widely circulated video below, a mother of two who was cooking dinner inside her apartment when Sunberg fired bullets through her walls, can be seen being yelled at by BLM. Activists are shaming the mom, Arabella Yarbrough, for voicing frustrations at protestors gathering outside her building in support of the gunman.

The activists smear the mother as a “liar” and a “b*tch.” With one protestor screaming “you’re alive” as if that makes the entire situation any better – WATCH:

As many online were quick to point out, this is another blatant example of BLM exploiting emotion. Activists have managed to already raise fifteen thousand dollars in the name of Tekle Sundbergy; which was a provably false narrative about police brutality from the beginning.

“I literally had five minutes to live while he had six hours to choose life or death. The police stated they did not want to kill him,” Yarbrough told Fox 9.

BLM is capitalizing on and exploiting another tragedy to push its racist narrative that blacks are routinely victims of police brutality and systematic white supremacy. These protestors clearly do not care about justice, because all they ever focus on is skin color.

Hopefully, more people see through BLM’s propaganda surrounding this case.

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