WATCH: Netflix Compares ICE to ISIS in Fake Recruitment Video

In theĀ  past few years, Netflix has had a dramatic shift from being a platform to find and watch your favorite movies to being a propaganda tool for the radical left. The latest stunt comes from the unfunny left-wing “comedian” Michelle Wolf, who ran a sketch on her show comparing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to the terrorist cell ISIS.

The “comedy sketch” begins trying to mimic a commercial for ICE, asking questions like “are you worried about your country,” and “are you worried that your country is being invaded by foreign intruders.” As these questions were asked as the video showed happy Hispanic families, which one could assume is an attempt to make it seem that the “foreign invaders” referenced are just happy families trying to find a better life, and totally not violent drug cartel members that would murder a grandma, and then behead her 13-year old granddaughter.

After beginning the video showing happy Hispanic families, it leads towards a group of men dressed in ICE uniforms explaining what “ICE is” as a play on words for “ISIS.” As the video goes on, it begins showing more sinister looking men in ICE uniforms, wearing masks, holding black flags, and talking about “terrorizing the invaders.”

At one point, a man in an ICE uniform mentions “MS-13 animals,” claiming that he hasn’t seen any, but that “they’re out there.” One must wonder if Michelle Wolf has ever spent any time near the border, or kept up with the news. Maybe if she did she would know that there has been a major increase in MS-13 gang members crossing the border in the past year, with members being arrested just this week.

Eventually, Wolf enters the sketch acting as Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson, where she continues with the theme of attacking ICE with mistruths about the organization. She eventually joins multiple people dressed as ICE agents, who are all wearing face masks, to shoot their guns in the air in an attempt to mimic ISIS terrorists.

Considering all the misinformation Wolf spreads, it is clear that this sketch is simply about promoting the abolition of ICE. That fact is clearly seen in Wolf’s tweet about the video, which uses the #AbolishICE hashtag.

In reality, ICE isn’t just securing our border to keep “peaceful” illegal immigrants out, as Wolf is trying to make it seem. ICE stops violent cartel members trafficking drugs, and even humans across the border every day. ICE is the leading agency stopping child sex trafficking at the border, and without them, sex traffickers would have a much easier time.

What Wolf, and presumably many people at Netflix wants is open borders. Big League Politics has previously reported about Netflix’s connections to the far-left through George Soros, who is a major investor. One must wonder whether Soros, or leftist operatives linked to him are promoting programs like this being produced.


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