WATCH: New York Times Blasted for Calling Elizabeth Warren ‘Aggressive’

On Monday’s episode of Morning Joe on MSNBC, a guest implied that the former paper of record, The New York Times, was sexist for its recent descriptions of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

“And the watchdog group at Northeastern University which has been tracking the words, the actual number of words and the kinds of words that we use to describe the women candidates, you know, aggressive, you know, difficult, you know, shrill, all the kinds of sort of gender tropes that we have unfortunately become really accustomed to. You know, and you see this everywhere. I mean, in the recent article about Neera Tanden in The New York Times that called her aggressive over and over again,” said author Lauren Leader.

Leader describers herself as an “activist” and “thought leader” on her website.

“So you know, we see this, once you start noticing — I mean, this is what’s happening, once you start to sort of raise your level of consciousness and you start to look at notice you see things in a new way. And I think that’s what we really need, all of us in the media to do, is to just pay attention, to pay attention and to be looking more closely and holding ourselves accountable for the way that we’re describing these candidates,” she continued.

The political left and its social justice crowd have created a monster that will soon be uncontainable.  In recent months, stories of the social justice warriors eating each other alive have become the norm. It turns out that no one is politically correct enough to please the raging leftist mob.


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