WATCH North Korean Sitcom Characters Dance To Missile Launch (VIDEO)


The North Korean regime of Kim Jong-Un has produced a small number of television series in recent years in a halfhearted bid to appeal to the fractured emotional lives of his brainwashed citizens.

While shows like “Young Researchers” reportedly inspire the starving youth, a Friends-style program called “Our Neighbors” is a bit more concerning.

Big League Politics has reported that the North Korean State TV network shows Nazi movies. It is unclear why. But there is nothing unclear about the intention in this clip from “Our Neighbors,” which was apparently filmed in 2013.

The scene is reminiscent of Ross, Rachel and the gang dancing in the fountain to “I’ll Be There For You,” but instead, a nuclear war is being celebrated.

The disturbing sitcom footage belies an emotional breakdown among the people of North Korea, who were forced with the threat of criminal charges to publicly mourn the death of Kim Jong-Il for days (the regime denied using punishment tactics during the funeral period).

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