WATCH: Phone Thrown at President Trump During NRA Speech

Phone Thrown President Trump NRA

Video shows an attendee threw their phone at President Donald J. Trump during his speech at the National Rifle Association as he began his speech earlier today.

As President Trump entered the stage to deliver his speech to the NRA this morning, video captured a member of the crowd throw their phone toward the stage. It landed in the crowd, seemingly nowhere near the president.

Reports indicate that the would-be attacker was swiftly arrested by authorities. The president delivered his speech without interruption, continuing without acknowledging the event.

President Trump’s life and person has been threatened numerous times since he entered the national stage as a politician in 2015.

While on the campaign trail, a man possibly associated with the Islamic State was arrested after rushing the stage while President Trump spoke in to an Ohio crowd in March of 2016. He was able to touch the stage before security tackled him and removed him from the area.

In June of 2016, another man attempted to take a police officer’s weapon with the purpose of shooting President Trump as he spoke to a crowd in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Briton was later arrested and admitted he wanted to shoot President Trump.

On November 5, 2016, the day before his historic election, President Trump was rushed off the stage by Secret Service after a member of the audience shouted “gun,” leading to the arrest of a member of the crowd. It was later determined there was no weapon present, but there was no report as to whether the potential attacker actually sought to harm President Trump.

It is unclear what motivated the attendee of the NRA speech to hurl his phone toward the president, but it would seem to continue a worrying pattern of behavior.

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