WATCH: Planned Parenthood Supporter Admits Sexual Arousal from Aborted Babies

A pro-death activist at the University of Texas – San Antonio told a group of pro-life activists that she is sexually aroused by the idea of abortion.

“I just love sex and abort fetuses – that’s my number one kink,” one female pro-death activist can be heard saying.

There was an arrangement of rows of pink crosses in the ground  setup to look like crosses in a graveyard. The video is unclear about which side, pro-life or pro-death, put the crosses there. It appears that there was a pro-life and pro-death rally and counter rally taking places at the same time.

The Planned Parenthood supporters traipsed through the setup of crosses, proclaiming their fondness for taking innocent human lives.

“I had an abortion,” several women yelled proudly.

Another said “Jesus still loves me though,” after admitting to having an abortion.

“Look there’s mine,” one woman said, pointing down at one of the crosses while walking through the display.

“What if we pissed in the fetus graveyard?” another young woman said.


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