WATCH: Portland ANTIFA Topple George Washington Statue, Light American Flag on Fire

ANTIFA-linked militants destroyed a statue of founding father and U.S. President George Washington in the city of Portland on Thursday night, topping the Washington statue and celebrating the act by lighting an American flag on fire on the destroyed monument.

Journalist Andy Ngo reported on the act of cultural destruction. The statue in northeast Portland has stood at its location for over a hundred years, and it was defaced with spraypaint referring to President Washington as a “genocidal colonist” before being destroyed.

Portland police steadfastly refused to act to prevent the leftist criminals from destroying the statue of Washington.

An ANTIFA group openly bragged of their criminal vandalism on Twitter, also speaking openly of their evasion of law enforcement after destroying the statue.

ANTIFA fanatics will show no quarter to America’s culture, customs and heritage in the authoritarian drive to create a leftist nightmare from the ashes of our civilization.

ANTIFA operatives in the city are attempting to recreate Seattle’s “autonomous zone” anarchist territory in Portland, and are reportedly executing an operation to wall off a considerable portion of the city’s area for their own devices.

Left-wing cultural fanatics have pivoted swiftly from attacking Confederate statues and memorabilia to the founding fathers of the United States. A Berkeley, California school board renamed two elementary schools named after George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, the two men perhaps the most instrumental in the birth of the United States.

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