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WATCH: President Trump Goes Full Savage on Cases Against Stone, Manafort and Gen. Flynn



During the media “Q and A” session of Sunday’s COVID-19 Task Force press conference President Trump took the opportunity to roast the former leadership at the FBI and the handling of their cases against Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and General Michael Flynn.

“I tell you this, Roger Stone was treated very unfairly. Paul Manafort, the Black Book turned out to be a fraud. We learned that over the last number of weeks and months. They had a black book that came out Ukraine and it turned out to be a fraud. They convicted a man and it turned out to be a fraud. General Flynn was a highly respected person and it turned out to be a scam on him. The FBI said he didn’t lie and Mueller’s people wanted him to go to jail. So what am I going to do? You will find out what I’m going to do. I’m not going to say what I am going to do. But I will tell you the whole thing turned out to be a scam and it turned out to be a disgrace to our country, and it was a take-down of a duly elected President, and these people suffered greatly. General Flynn, what they did to him…the top of the FBI were scum.”

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Forefront GOP Congressional Candidate Files Amicus Brief Against Maine Governor



The forefront Republican candidate to replace Democrat Congressman Jared Golden in Maine’s Second Congressional District has filed paper work against Maine Governor Janet Mills.

Adrienne Bennett announced that she has filed a brief of amicus curiae in the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals in favor of local central Maine church’s motion for a temporary restraining order against Governor Janet Mills.

“This is a dangerous moment where Governor Mills is arguing that certain emergencies allow her to trample on the constitutionally protected rights of Mainers. Our churches and all people of faith need to know that when their rights are violated, they are not alone. We must fight back,” said the Republican candidate for Congress.

“Janet Mills is not the head of the church. Her government cannot dictate how, when or to whom we worship. She cannot discriminate against houses of worship and treat them lesser than secular institutions. I urge the court to intervene. We will fight this all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary.”

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Bennett is being represented by Maine attorney Stephen C. Whiting of The Whiting Law Firm who had this to say about the brief filed against Governor Janet Mills, “While the Governor certainly has an interest in protecting public health, all Mainers also have an interest in seeing their Constitutional rights upheld. The Governor cannot use her power to protect public health in a manner that arbitrarily deprives Mainers of the right to free exercise of religion. Therefore, the public interest favors granting Appellant’s motion and preventing further violations of First Amendment freedoms.”

Earlier in the month Pastor Ken Graves and Calvary Chapel of Orrington, Maine filed a federal lawsuit that challenges Maine’s governor Janet Mills closure of places of worship as means to end the spread of COVID-19 in Maine. That story was covered by Big League Politics and can be read here.

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