WATCH President Trump In The Oval Office; He Smacks Down Reporter Jon Karl

President Donald Trump signed an historic anti-human trafficking bill in the Oval Office Wednesday, then smacked down Fake News ABC reporter Jon Karl in an awesome back-and-forth in which Trump said that Karl should never be the president. Agreed! (Look at Jon Karl’s stammering, weasely defeat to President Trump at 19:30 Minute Mark Below).

I wrote Wednesday, on Day 19 of the very enjoyable government shutdown:

President Donald Trump is visiting Capitol Hill and then will host congressional leaders yet again at the White House Wednesday afternoon.

The momentum is all on Trump’s side. Trump came off like a statesman in his Oval Office address last night, and Chuck and Nancy in their follow-up looked like characters from “The Addams Family.” Their Democrat response was very weak. How could they possibly follow Trump’s greatest speech ever, in which he bore his soul and spoke to the American people heart-to-heart?

Nancy Pelosi looked dazed, Chuck Schumer just looked like his usual remorseless empathy-free self. Very bad optics for their side. Now, they are campaigning with union members, pretending that they are on the side of the working class representing government employees affected by the shutdown. (RELATED: Government Workers Learn How To Get Private-Sector Jobs, Contribute To Economy).

Try talking to the families of people who have been killed by illegal immigrants, Chuck. The American people know which side is Right here and which side is Wrong.

Trump is very gracious to even have these Democrats back to the White House after Chuck cut off our Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen’s national security briefing, which is a clear violation of his duty as a government official to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. The rude Soros shills have gotten on America’s nerves, to say the least.

President Trump has all the leverage. Let me just remind everyone (read: Kushner) of this important fact yet again: President Trump’s supporters don’t think the shutdown is a bad thing, he is winning the optics, he can declare a national emergency to build the Wall, and he has ALL THE LEVERAGE.

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