WATCH President Trump’s Speech At Governors Ball: ‘China Is Everywhere’

President Donald Trump’s speech Sunday night at the Governors’ Ball focused on his momentous negotiations with the Chinese regime, concerning the U.S. trade and cyber-security relationship with China going forward. Trump hosted the Governors Ball in the White House’s State Dining Room.

“We are doing very well with China, it was a long weekend. They decided to stay for two and a half more days. They will probably be leaving late tonight.”

“We put ourselves in a position of strength for the first time in 35 years, or probably even more than that,” Trump said.

It looks like Trump has made a solid Art of the Deal that will compel the Chinese to purchase $1.2 trillion in additional U.S. goods over a six-year period, which should finally end the trade deficit by the conclusion of President Trump’s second term. Trump is planning a new Mar-a-Lago summit with Chinese president Xi, and a new summit in Vietnam with North Korean chairman Kim Jong Un.

Trump talked about a question he gets all the time.

“Sir, how are you doing with China? Because it affects your state so much. China is everywhere,” President Trump stated.

But things are good.

“Right now, we have more people working in our country than anytime in the history of our country,” President Trump stated.

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