WATCH: Preview of Nick Sandmann Interview with NBC

The student at the center of the Covington Catholic High School controversy, who was harassed by a valor-stealing Native American and then unfairly smeared by the media, took an interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, which will air Wednesday morning.

Nick Sandmann’s life was thrust into turmoil after he smirked at Nathan Phillips on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and then bashed as a “racist” by the activist left-wing press, who accused he and his classmates of mobbing the man and insulting him. Video evidence proves that the opposite happened – Phillips approached the boys and confronted them – but minor details like these do not matter. The press has a narrative to push, after all.

Sandmann is brave, though, taking an interview with NBC, which is akin to negotiating with terrorists or speaking to the FBI without a lawyer. When asked if he felt that he should take any responsibility for the event, he politely rebuked Guthrie.

WATCH the preview here:



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