WATCH: Pro-Infanticide Legislator’s Abortion Lies Get Obliterated in 30 Seconds

Kathy Tran Virginia Abortion Lie

Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran, who filed legislation that would have made it legal to abort or murder a baby up to and after the point of delivery, now claims she did “nothing” to try to change existing laws.

In a bizarre and easily refuted video, Tran looks directly into a camera and claims that “women are able to access an abortion in the later stages of pregnancy. Under certain conditions, with the approval of medical doctors,” adding “I’ve done nothing to change that.”

Mere days earlier, when asked while on camera, “For an abortion at any point in the third trimester, are you changing the standard?” Tran responded quickly, “I’m changing the standard, yes.”

Her since defeated bill, which thanks to national notoriety will never leave its subcommittee, would have made it legal for a woman to give birth, then consult with a doctor, and make the decision to murder a living, viable infant.

Virginia Democrats have been in a desperate damage control mode this week after the bill became national news, and their efforts were only exacerbated when Virginia Governor Ralph Northam endorsed the bill and explained it further.

According to Northam, the bill would allow a woman to go through labor, give birth, then keep the infant comfortable while the doctor and the new mother determine whether to commit infanticide.

When asked if he regretted his statement or wished to amend it during a press conference on Thursday, Northam doubled down, saying he has no regrets, and condemned the “mischaracterization” of his statement and the “personal insults” some made against him.

For her part, Tran appears to care more about the lives of caterpillars than children, as on the same day she filed the infanticide bill, she also filed a bill that would protect the lives of gypsy moths and cankerworms for several months each year.

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