WATCH: Pro-Life Activist Violently Assaulted at UNC-Chapel Hill

A pro-life activist who was peacefully demonstrating on the campus of the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill was violently assaulted by a crazed leftist.

Two men with pro-life organization Created Equal were present on UNC’s campus when a woman approached them.

“Did y’all put these up,” she said, referring to their signs.

“Yep,” one of the men said in reply.

The woman immediately hurled herself at him and began throwing punches and screaming. She can be seen hitting him four or five times as he backs away in self-defense.

“F****** terrible person!” she said. “You’re a terrible person!

When she backed off, the verbal exchange continued.

“You – this is not okay,” she said. “This is not okay. This is not okay. Shut the f*** up right now! This is wrong. This is triggering!”

The police were called, and the woman was charged with misdemeanor assault by citation. Police were lenient and she was not handcuffed or booked into jail.

UNC-Chapel Hill is known for its leftist violence. This reporter, as well as Big League Politics editor-in-chief Patrick Howley, have both been assaulted on the campus while covering the Antifa riots which resulted in the toppling of the Silent Sam statue.


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