WATCH: Pro-Trump DACA Recipient Assaulted While Defending President, Free Speech

Pro Trump DACA Recipient Assaulted Free Speech

A benefactor of President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which allows illegal immigrants who were brought into the country against their will as children to remain in the United States, was assaulted on a college campus while wearing his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

While filming at California State University-Los Angeles, independent journalist Austen Fletcher, known online as Fleccas, attempted to interview a DACA recipient who both supports President Donald J. Trump and is concerned about the future of the First Amendment on college campuses when a person, apparently a fellow UCLA student, approached the pro-Trump student and hit him on his head to remove his hat.

“This is my first time wearing my MAGA hat, it’s great, it feels liberating, but obviously there is discomfort sometimes,” said the student. At this point the camera is directed to a woman who began chanting “F**k Donald Trump” off screen, and then approaches Fletcher and the student.

She circles behind Fletcher and the subject of his interview, then hits the pro-Trump student on the back of his head, toppling his MAGA hat.

He immediately approaches the woman, saying “By the way, I’m a DREAMer. Just so you know, you just assaulted a DREAMer.”

Another woman then approached the pro-Trump student, and began shouting obscenities in his face.

“Back the f**k up, back the f**k up, you need to back up,” the aggressive woman said as the pro-Trump student attempts to follow the woman who just hit him.

The pro-Trump student then turns to the camera and states “This is a perfect example of how the left thinks it’s appropriate to assault people.”

Returning to his interview with Fletcher, describes how the Democrat Party “uses immigrants as pawns” to further their agenda.

“That’s all we are to them, that’s why they want open borders, because if more illegal immigrants cross the border, unregulated, they’re going to pander to those immigrants by using welfare state policies that tell them, ‘It’s okay, we’re here to take care of you, here’s all this free stuff.”

“It de-incentivizes people from overcoming poverty,” he told Fletcher. “The welfare state, the expansion of government, it has nothing to do with the welbeing of poor people, but it has everything to do with the ego of the elites.”

Fletcher’s interview occurred as the school held a public talk featuring Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles, who had a chemical originally believed to be bleach thrown at him when speaking at another university last week.

The identity of the woman who hit the pro-Trump student remains unknown.

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