WATCH: Rep. Mo Brooks Owns CNN Host During Wall Debate

A U.S. Congressman from Alabama walked all over CNN host John Berman on Friday morning during a debate about President Donald J. Trump’s planned border wall.

Berman tried to bait Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), asking him why he thought Trump had the authority to build the wall via a national emergency declaration.

“Because the United States code says so,” Brooks said.

After that mic drop moment, Brooks continued, laying into Harmon on his program “New Day.”

“What we are facing today is a national emergency of major proportions, and Congress has delegated to the president of the United States the right in its expressed United States code – you can look it up yourself – the right to declare a national emergency under certain circumstances. This meets that bill,” he said.

Berman asked Brooks what exactly the emergency was, and Brooks hit him with a litany of facts, something with which CNN is unfamiliar.

He said:

“With the southern border, we have the loss of at least 15,000 Americans a year. You have 2,000 that are homicides by illegal aliens, according to federal government data. You’ve got another 15,000, 16,000 that die each year from heroin overdoses, 90 percent of which comes across our porous southern border. That’s not counting the 55,000 additional deaths that are caused by overdoses, a significant amount of which comes across the southern border. So, how many dead people do you have to have, John, before you’ll consider it an emergency?”

The interview came in the midst of a raging battle over border security. Trump has shut the government down until the Democrats agree to fund a wall. It has been 21 days since the shutdown began, and Friday was another stalemate.



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