WATCH: Roseanne Laughs Off Twitter Controversy, ‘I Thought The ***** Was White!’

Earlier this year, Roseanne Barr lost her wildly popular show after making a Tweet directed at former Obama advisor Valerie Jarret some saw as racist. Despite Barr having no history of racism, and the Tweet quickly being explained as a misunderstanding, she lost her show on ABC.

Now with the controversy being months old, Barr has finally found a way to laugh it off in the most Roseanne way possible. In a video going viral she loudly explained why her Tweet wasn’t meant to be racist using only six words.

WATCH (Explicit Language):

In the video, Roseanne explains, using colorful language, that she thought Jarrett was white. This is relevant because in her scandalous Tweet Barr stated that Jarrett would be the result of the “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes” having a baby.

Many felt that her mention of planet of the apes was racially charged, considering that Jarrett is black, although very light skinned.

While the ending of the video was clearly meant for humor, just prior to that she brought up an important point, which explains why she made the Tweet that cancelled her show. Valerie Jarrett was the main figure in the Obama Administration who pushed the Iran Deal. With the nation of Iran having close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, it adds some sense to the Tweet from Barr that many may have missed.

But while she made a solid point about the Iran Deal, the biggest take-away from this video is that Barr is back and funny again. In the past few months she has faced some hard and stressful times, so it’s good to see her finding humor again.

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