WATCH Roy Moore Accuser Learn That She Can’t Run For Office

Deborah Gibson, who claimed she dated Roy Moore when  she was a teenager just announced her intention to run for Florida House of Representatives. There’s only one problem; she is not legally allowed to run for Congress.

Before choosing to run, she changed her party affiliation from Republican to Democrat, and in doing so disqualified herself from running for office because of Florida state law. She had to be informed by the local news of this fact.

Watch the video of her being informed that she can’t run for Congress after announcing her candidacy:

After being told the news by WPTV, she was visibly startled, and stated that “if you told me I was disqualified from running, then I would say that my heart for service will be used in some different way.” 

At the time of her being informed that she can’t run for office, she had already raised at least $1,700 for her campaign. The money raised is going to be returned, according to Gibson.

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