WATCH: Sebastian Gorka HUMILIATES Mainstream Media Hack at Million MAGA March

Sebastian Gorka responded in humorous fashion to harassment from Daily Dot blogger Zachary Petrizzo when the latter started pestering him at the Million MAGA March.

Petrizzo uploaded this video to his personal Twitter account, apparently unaware how embarrassing it appears for him personally.

Get back to high school!

Give your mother her phone back!

There’s a high school project that’s looking for you.

Petrizzo’s voice appeared to quiver heavily as he badgered Gorka, spouting off a line of irrelevant and nonsense talking points about the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Petrizzo seems to have spent the day at the MAGA March as little more than a wannabe paparazzi, photographing various right-wing figures such as Gorka and acting as if their presence at the First Amendment-protected political rally was somehow controversial.


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