WATCH: Senator Rand Paul Calls For Civil Disobedience

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky recently tweeted a video urging Americans to ignore all COVID-19 related mandates, telling them to simply say no.

“It’s time for us to resist,” Paul began. “They can’t arrest all of us, they can’t keep all of your kids home from school, they can’t keep every government building closed…”

“We don’t have to accept the mandates, lockdowns, and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and bureaucrats, we can simply say no.”

Paul turned his attention directly to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calling her out specifically due to her role in implementing many draconian measures.

“Nancy Pelosi, you will not arrest or stop me or anyone on my staff from doing our jobs. We have either had COVID, had the vaccine, or been offered the vaccine. We will make our own health choices, we will not show you a passport, we will not wear a mask, we will not be forced into random screenings and testings so you can continue your drunk with power reign over the capital.”

The Senator soon after turned his attention to Joe Biden, the current Senile-In-Chief of the White House, before promising obstructionism towards their functions should they continue COVID-19 related scheningans.

“President Biden, we will not accept your agencies mandates or your reported moves towards a lockdown. No one should follow the CDC’s anti-science mask mandates and if you want to shut down federal agencies again, some of which aren’t even back to work yet, I will stop every Bill coming through the Senate with an amendment to cut their funding if they don’t come back to work in person.”

Attention was also brought to schoolchildren, many of whom have suffered greatly both physically and emotionally from various injustices by our education system ranging from online schooling to forced masking.

“Local bureaucrats and union bosses we will not allow you to do children again this year children are not at any more risk from covid than they are from the seasonal flu. Every adult who works in schools has either had the vaccine or had their chance to get vaccinated there is no reason for mask mandates part-time schools or any lockdown measures. Children are falling behind in school, and are being harmed physically and psychologically…”

Senator Paul threatened to cut off funding from school districts that continue to abuse children as well.

Senator Paul concluded the video with an inspiring message, saying “I think the tide is turning, as more and more people appear to be standing up… We are at a moment of truth and a crossroads. Will we allow these people to use fear and propaganda to do further harm to our society, economy, and children? Or will we stand together and say ‘absolutely not, not this time. I choose freedom!'”

Your move, America.

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