WATCH: SF Residents REJOICE After Soros-Funded DA Recalled, ‘George Gascon, You’re Next’

San Francisco voters have removed Soros-backed district attorney Chesa Boudin from office due to his soft on crime policies – a staple of George Soros-funded DAs across the nation.

In response, citizens are rejoicing – WATCH:

The clip above shows one election night party where attendees were seen gleefully chanting “recall Chesa,” and cheering. The video was taken by San Francisco Standard reporter Han Li.

At the same party, the campaign chair of the recall effort and former chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party Mary Jung addressed the crowd, stating “voters said loud and clear that they want a district attorney who prioritizes for every community.”

“The voters also didn’t fall for Chesa’s misleading claims that the recall was a con, and part of some national Republican-led effort,” she added.

At another party, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva was met with loud cheers after stating, “George Gascon, you’re next!”

This recall news sends a strong message to the political world; Woke prosecutors who don’t enforce the law can and will be ousted. This move – especially coming from San Francisco – serves as a major rejection of the far-left.

On Tuesday night, Boudin met the consequences of his disastrous tenure in office. One that was rampant with property crimes, open drug use, persistent retail theft, and the skyrocketing crime rates.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, “burglaries have risen 45%” and “homicides have increased 37%” since Boudin took office.

“Voters strongly endorsed ousting the reform-minded D.A. as partial returns showed about 60% of voters supporting the recall,” the outlet continued.

Oddly, Boudin claimed his recall was a victory by saying, “We have already won because we have redefined the way people think about the role of the district attorney’s office.”

San Francisco Democrat Mayor London Breed will select Boudin’s replacement.

Early returns showed that 61% of voters wanted Boudin recalled, while only 39% wanted to retain him. This coalition of fed-up San Francisco citizens was notably made up of safety-minded Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who blame the now recalled DA for rising violence across the city.

The race, however, apparently divided Democrats in the city. As The New York Times claims, “Democrats are at war with themselves over crime.”

This story is also a major blow to billionaire George Soros, who has invested 40 million dollars to elect “dozens of progressive prosecutors” across the nation. In a recent report by the LELDF, Soros’ contributions elected new left-wing DAs in 75 cities across the nation. Those DAs are responsible for 40% of criminal activity in the U.S.

LELDF President Jason Johnson had this to say to The Washington Examiner:

“Soros is using that campaign money and the hundreds of millions more for supporting organizations to quietly transform the criminal justice system for the worse, promoting dangerous policies and anti-police narratives to advance his radical agenda.”

Boudin was amongst those left-wing prosecutors and was elected after raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors associated with George Soros. Boudin was elected for the first time in 2019 with 50.8 percent of the vote thanks to his police reform pledge.

On Tuesday, voters in San Francisco who helped recall Boudin blamed his “police reform” policies for the increase in the murder rate, violent crime, theft, shoplifting, burglaries, open-air drug markets, and increased drug use.

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