Watch Stephen Colbert Admit That Trump’s Wall Is A Good Idea

“Watch Stephen Colbert…” is not something we would normally advise you to do.

But it’s worth noting that Colbert — a terrible debater in his out-of-character CBS talk show phase — once backed down in the face of President Donald Trump and admitted that Trump’s wall has good solid attributes.

Colbert makes a living trying to mock Trump on his “Late Show” and on his poorly-reviewed Showtime cartoon “Our Cartoon President,” which cycles through constant lame and unfunny anti-Trump jokes.

Here is Colbert’s interview with candidate Trump, back when Trump was still playing the game and appearing on these peoples’ shows (Trump’s Saturday Night Live episode with Sia, for what it’s worth, was the best episode of Saturday Night Live ever).

“Okay, well, that would be good. That would be good,” Colbert said as his air-conditioned audience applauded Trump’s explanation that the Wall will block cartels and drugs from coming into the country.

Watch Colbert make the stunning admission (3:20 Mark):


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