WATCH: Ted Cruz Owns Sheldon Whitehouse on ‘Dark Money’ at Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) gave a bizarre and unhinged conspiratorial rant during the Senate confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on Tuesday.

Some of his rant can be seen here:

Whitehouse attempted to connect Barrett to sources of “dark money,” which is a popularized term referring to donor money hidden from public scrutiny. This talking point has been used by Democrats for years, but has largely fallen out of favor now that former vice president Joe Biden is soaking up the majority of donations from the plutocracy.

Democrats have tried to anoint Whitehouse for his empty blather, but Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) immediately lit him up due to his immense hypocrisy.

“First of all, our Democratic colleagues, when they address the issue of so-called dark money in campaign finance contributions, are often deeply, deeply hypocritical, and don’t address the actual facts that exist,” Cruz said in his remarks.

Cruz brought up the fact that 14 of the top 20 super PACs dishing out dark money “gave virtually all their money to Democrats.” He also mentioned that the financial contributions of the Wall Street and Fortune 500 elite “overwhelmingly favor Joe Biden and the Democrats.”

“All of the great umbrage about the corporate interest are spending dark money is widely in conflict with the actual facts of the corporate interests that are spending dark money are funding the Democrats by a factor of 3-1 or greater,” Cruz added.

Cruz’s full takedown of Whitehouse can be seen here:

Cruz also received some flak from Democrats for attempting to humanize Barrett while questioning her at the hearings.

Big League Politics has reported on how progressive oligarch George Soros is investing at least $50 million to tip the scales for the Democrats in this year’s election:

The Free Beacon reported that George Soros has pitched in $50 million to Democrats’ PACs and campaigns in the 2020 election cycle.

These contributions represent a record amount of financial support for the billionaire oligarch.

In the 2020 cycle, Soros stepped up his political spending through the Democracy PAC, which he established in 2019 to dump large sums of money into other leftist organizations.

According to new filings to the Federal Election Commission, the PAC donated nearly $17 million last quarter, which brought its total spending for this cycle to $48 million. Soros donated $4 million directly to Democrat campaigns and committees without first funneling the money into his PAC.

The $52 million cash injection is over twice the amount that Soros donated in the 2016 presidential election cycle — $22 million.

Ironically enough, Democrat candidates who have benefited from Soros’ generous candidates have lamented about the influence of money in politics.

Cruz has once again shown himself to be a master at exposing Democrat hypocrisy.

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