WATCH: Terrence Williams Jokes About Jussie Smollett From Hospital Bed

Terrence Williams Jokes Jussie Smollett Hospital Bed

Twitter sensation Terrence K. Williams made a video statement from Twitter, revealing that he is in good spirits after his Lyft driver experienced a terrible accident that left Williams in a hospital with a fractured neck and back.

Williams appeared to be in good spirits earlier today as he recorded a short video for his Twitter followers from his hospital bed. The Internet personality said that he wants to “thank everybody for all the support, thanks for reaching out, thanks for showing so much love,” adding that he is “feeling a little bit better,” but is “still in pain.”

Yesterday Williams was in an automobile accident in which his Lyft driver nearly drove over a bridge. Williams was in the Washington, D.C. area to visit the White House and meet President Donald Trump.

“I’m so thankful to be alive,” said Williams in the video while discussing the accident, “I said ‘Lord Jesus, I’m coming home,’ I thought it was the end.”

He also pledged to get back to creating content as soon as is released from the hospital.

“I’ll be back up and running soon, I’ve got a lot to talk about,” said Williams, “Especially with Jussie Smollett, I heard the news! And I can’t really laugh, but oh lord I told y’all! I told y’all!”

Only hours after his accident, Williams was already joking with friends who went to visit him in the hospital.

“I can’t be stopped, when I get out of this hospital, man, I’m talking about Kamala Harris, Jussie Smollett, I’m getting back on Crazy Bernie,” said Williams in a video recorded by David Harris Jr., “This broken neck ain’t gonna stop me!”

He continued, joking, “And I still don’t know why two Trump supporters would attack a black man at 2 in the morning in Chicago,” adding, “That was a lie.”

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