WATCH: Tommy Robinson Details The Abuse He Endured In UK Prison in Interview With Tucker Carlson

After he was released from a UK prison this week for speaking the truth about Islam, Tommy Robinson gave his first mainstream media interview to Tucker Carlson.

During the interview, Robinson detailed the abuse he was forced to endure in prison by guards who endangered his life, and the Muslim inmates who constantly harassed and assaulted him. While in prison, Robinson says he lost 40 pounds, and was placed in a cell directly across from the jail mosque where Muslims threw feces and spit at him on a daily basis.

In May, the British activist and journalist  was arrested for “breaching the peace” and reportedly thrown in jail for 13 months while live streaming to his Facebook page about Muslim grooming gangs outside the Leeds Crown Court.

Robinson’s work focuses on exposing the Islamification of the West, which has made him a target in the U.K. where authorities are enforcing strict policies against “hate speech,” effectively making criticism of Islam and Muslims a crime punishable by arrest and imprisonment.

The once free UK  is now governed by radical left-wing authoritarians who have decided to form an unholy alliance with Islam. Robinson is one of many people in the UK who have been punished for being truthful about the nature of Islam and the havoc it has caused all throughout Europe. In the UK, authorities are more concerned with arresting people for thought crimes instead of cracking down on the Muslim rape gangs that are destroying the lives of  young girls.

WATCH the powerful interview here:


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