WATCH: Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney Teases ‘Out Of Touch’ White House Meeting With Joe Biden

While Americans worry about the economy, rise in crime across the nation, and needless spending that is costing taxpayers more money than ever before, the Biden White House is working hard to promote transgenderism.

Just last week, influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who is a biological male, was invited to speak with Joe Biden about trans issues and what “womanhood” means. 

As Blaze News reported, scoring an interview with President Joe Biden is not easy to come by. Especially considering “he only gave 28 interviews in his first year in office – compared to 95 by Donald Trump, 162 by Barack Obama, and 50 by George W. Bush.”

Somehow Mulvaney, who portrays a girl on TikTok for internet clout, was important enough to garner an interview with Biden. Where the two discussed trans rights amongst other progressive topics.

More from the outlet:

NowThis – a progressive video-centric news site for young people – was allegedly granted access to Biden for interviews regarding Democrat-friendly topics such as gun legislation, student loan relief, abortion access, criminal justice reform, climate change, and trans rights.

NowThis said of the event, “President Joe Biden sat down with six young people focused on finding solutions to some of the most critical issues facing their generation” during the “NowThis Presidential Forum.

In a teaser for the interview on TikTok, Mulvaney claimed Biden “has watched” the trans influencer’s series “days of girlhood.”

“It’s day 222 of being a girl. I’m in Washington D.C., and I’m going to the White House to speak to the President of the United States,” Mulvaney gushes in the TikTok clip.

“You know that phrase, ‘I think I may have girlbossed too close to the sun?’ Well that’s how I feel today,” Mulvaney continues. “Because I get to sit down with Joe Biden and NowThis News, and I get to ask him a few questions surrounding trans issues in the United States and talk to him about my transness, and I really just want to represent my community the best that I can.”

“And you know what, as silly as I am on here,” Mulvaney added. “ I am ready to step up and show that trans people, we’re not going anywhere and that trans kids, they deserve a fighting chance to be their true selves.”

So while Americans worry about how they are going to afford food on the table for their families during a time of record-high inflation. Biden is focusing on improving the conversation surrounding 25-year-old adults who want to portray women on TV.

We are living in a clown world ruled by a completely out-of-touch regime. This is what people who elect Democrat are voting for.

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