WATCH: Trevor Noah Says Virginia Should Keep Northam Because ‘White Guilt Can Be Useful’

Late night political activist Trevor Noah, poorly disguised as a comedian, had some advice for Virginians on his show Monday night: keep blackface-wearing Gov. Ralph Northam because his white guilt can be used to extort him.

“So you might as well have a white guy who has already been caught and feels bad about it. Yeah, because you know that guy is never messing up again and now he has a racism debt that he has to pay off and tell me tell you, white guilt can be very useful, my friends,” Noah said.

Not only is this the most disgusting brand of identity politics, but it is subtle cover for Northam provided by the Democrat Media Complex designed to convince Noah’s sub-average I.Q. audience from not chasing Northam out of office. It’s a brilliant form of manipulation. The political left is invested in making sure Northam stays in office at all costs, in order to avoid risking power changing hands to Republicans. Noah is the conduit by which this message is being relayed to the public, under the guise of “comedy.”

“Black people in Virginia can ask governor Northam for anything, better schools, criminal justice reform, a holiday for Beyonce’s birthday. A black man in Virginia could ask Northam to pick him up from the airport and he’ll be, like, I’ll be there in 15 minutes,” Noah claimed.

Newsflash, black Virginians. Northam and the Democrats don’t care about you. They never have. They only care about power. Do you think Noah would give a pass to a racist Republican governor so that his “white guilt” could be used against him?

Of course not. You’re being played.

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