WATCH: Trump Reportedly Considering Meeting To Discuss ‘Grassroots Concerns’

Conservative influencer Maggie VandenBerghe, often known by her pseudonym @fogcitymidge, posted a video on Instagram Friday saying that an organizer from the recent Trump rally has reached out to her with intentions of setting up a meeting between former President Donald Trump, VandenBerghe, and the Patriot Party of Arizona. According to the VandenBerghe, the meeting has been requested to “address many of the growing concerns of the grassroots, as well as millions of Americans, who have a lot of questions for Donald Trump about the vaccine, election fraud, and many of the other issues which [she] outlined in [her] recent videos.”

VandenBerghe continued, discussing the reactions she received from many in Trump’s fanbase, ranging from extremely negative to very positive.

“These recent videos have gotten me a ton of hate a ton of vitriol, just horrible messages directed at myself, and it’s really alarming to be honest that just questioning Donald Trump has provoked this cult-like reaction in many of his supporters… who are ignoring common sense at this point and who seem incapable of having a rational argument.”

She then discussed the brighter side of it, saying that despite the hurdles there “more importantly has also been… overwhelming support that I’ve received as well…” from “hundreds of supporters as well as other influencers who were just grateful that someone is having this conversation because they’re thinking the same thing.”

The influencer also took the time to give a shout-out to political commentator and rap aritst “An0maly” for a recent post he made, who like herself has been known to recently express many criticisms of former President Trump after past support. In the words of VandenBerghe, the aftermentioned post she praised “said something along the lines of trump and Republicans have led their base to the slaughter and that they are doing zero to stop the great reset which they themselves helped usher in by shutting down society by selling these vaccines”

VandenBerghe concluded the meeting by offering some food for thought for the viewers before expressing her hope that the meeting ensues.

“Before we carry on with the blind support of one man he needs to answer some questions, and he needs to address the grassroots. So I’m going to keep pushing for this meeting and to all of you, I hope and pray that you continue to seek truth no matter the cost. Thank you.”

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