WATCH: Trump Supporter Assaulted and Threatened By Antifa, LAPD Defends Attacker

Screenshot via Baked Alaska Periscope

A complaint is being filed against two officers from the Los Angeles Police Department, after they defended a protester assaulting and threatening a supporter of President Donald Trump.

After antifa announced their intentions to deface Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, supporters of the president held a counter-rally to defend it. There were 75-100 Trump supporters present, outnumbering antifa.

During the event, one of the anti-Trump protesters assaulted Timothy Treadstone, better known as Baked Alaska, who was livestreaming a conflict between the protester and a woman who was out to defend the star.

“The dude literally grabbed my phone and hand, he got in my face saying he was going to knock me out and the cops said that was okay,” Treadstone told Big League Politics. “They were on ANTIFA & BLM side all day it was disgusting.”

When police intervened, it was not to stop the aggressive protester who had just attempted to knock Treadstone’s phone out of his hand while threatening to knock him out.

“You’re going to get that camera out of my face or I’m going to knock you the f-ck out,” the aggressor tells Treadstone as the police made their way over to the altercation.

Immediately, the officers sided with the protester, telling Treadstone that he needed to move further down the sidewalk away from where they were.

“He grabbed my camera and said he was going to knock me the f-ck out!” Treadstone exclaimed.

The officer responded saying, “I understand that,” while continuing to demand that Treadstone leave the area of public sidewalk the pro-Trump group was gathered on.

“You need to go down there right now,” the officer demanded.

“Just me?” Treadstone asked.

“Yes, because as soon as you go down there all these people will follow,” the officer said.

“He came up and threatened to knock me out!” Treadstone attempted to report, once again.

At this point, the first officer appears to call for backup, as the other cop tells Treadstone, “I don’t care.”

“He can say what he wants,” the second officer asserts.

“He can say he’s going to knock me out and grab me?” Treadstone asks.

“He can say what he wants — they’re words,” the officer says of the violent threat.

The officer then begins petulantly whining for Treadstone to leave him alone.

Treadstone has noted that the first officer was chewing tobacco, which in itself is a violation of the LAPD’s rules. It is “prohibited while on duty, or off-duty while in uniform.”

Earlier in the day, a protester claimed that he was a member of the crips and threatened to shoot Treadstone, which police also refused to do anything about.

“It’s a shame that our law enforcement who gets incredible support from Trump supporters would refuse to defend an attack from the very people who hate them and want them dead,” Treadstone told BLP, noting that the officers were also caught on his livestream shaking hands with the members of antifa.

Treadstone informed BLP that while we were speaking he was in the middle of filing a complaint against the officers over their conduct.

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