WATCH: Trump Supporter Assaulted and Threatened By Antifa, LAPD Defends Attacker

Screenshot via Baked Alaska Periscope

A complaint is being filed against two officers from the Los Angeles Police Department, after they defended a protester assaulting and threatening a supporter of President Donald Trump.

After antifa announced their intentions to deface Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, supporters of the president held a counter-rally to defend it. There were 75-100 Trump supporters present, outnumbering antifa.

During the event, one of the anti-Trump protesters assaulted Timothy Treadstone, better known as Baked Alaska, who was livestreaming a conflict between the protester and a woman who was out to defend the star.

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“The dude literally grabbed my phone and hand, he got in my face saying he was going to knock me out and the cops said that was okay,” Treadstone told Big League Politics. “They were on ANTIFA & BLM side all day it was disgusting.”

When police intervened, it was not to stop the aggressive protester who had just attempted to knock Treadstone’s phone out of his hand while threatening to knock him out.

“You’re going to get that camera out of my face or I’m going to knock you the f-ck out,” the aggressor tells Treadstone as the police made their way over to the altercation.

Immediately, the officers sided with the protester, telling Treadstone that he needed to move further down the sidewalk away from where they were.

“He grabbed my camera and said he was going to knock me the f-ck out!” Treadstone exclaimed.

The officer responded saying, “I understand that,” while continuing to demand that Treadstone leave the area of public sidewalk the pro-Trump group was gathered on.

“You need to go down there right now,” the officer demanded.

“Just me?” Treadstone asked.

“Yes, because as soon as you go down there all these people will follow,” the officer said.

“He came up and threatened to knock me out!” Treadstone attempted to report, once again.

At this point, the first officer appears to call for backup, as the other cop tells Treadstone, “I don’t care.”

“He can say what he wants,” the second officer asserts.

“He can say he’s going to knock me out and grab me?” Treadstone asks.

“He can say what he wants — they’re words,” the officer says of the violent threat.

The officer then begins petulantly whining for Treadstone to leave him alone.

Treadstone has noted that the first officer was chewing tobacco, which in itself is a violation of the LAPD’s rules. It is “prohibited while on duty, or off-duty while in uniform.”

Earlier in the day, a protester claimed that he was a member of the crips and threatened to shoot Treadstone, which police also refused to do anything about.

“It’s a shame that our law enforcement who gets incredible support from Trump supporters would refuse to defend an attack from the very people who hate them and want them dead,” Treadstone told BLP, noting that the officers were also caught on his livestream shaking hands with the members of antifa.

Treadstone informed BLP that while we were speaking he was in the middle of filing a complaint against the officers over their conduct.


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  1. Unfortunately that’s what happens when police are in the pocket of crooked politicians who only care about their status while they play the leftists.

  2. This is horrible! These police officers are useless. CA Shame! Catering to the Criminals not a surprise

  3. I would have slapped that little bitch baked Alaska while he was crying like a little girl. He is lucky the cops showed up or he would have had his little bitch ass handed to him.

  4. Want to know something. I can see what the cop was doing. He was trying to de-escalate the situation. He said go down there right now’, meaning move away from the conflict. You should of just did what the cop said. The cop is not interested in politics or who’s right or wrong. You don’t know who that black guy is , he could be a serious criminal that will pull out a gun. So instead of trying to teach someone about free speech or racism or whatnot, maybe use some common sense and do what the cop say’s.

  5. The next time my life is threatened…I’m going to take your advice…and just be Grateful…

    This Nutjob Liberal Logic is finally starting to make sense to me now…NOT!!!!

  6. Instead of running down to save Cheeto’s star why doesn’t he get himself a job? What a loser

  7. Instead of setting your account to ‘Private’…why don’t you be ‘open, honest & transparent’…

    You know…like…Sunny Ways…like…you know…like…

  8. You mean like your open honest and transparent account? Is that your way of finding your safe space? lol

  9. Do you think your Pretty Boy Trust Fund Brat Pop Star Prime Minister Justine will ever answer a question in Parliament…without speaking in Useless Platitudes?

  10. Probably not but at least he won’t privatize our healthcare system and sell out to private prisons. And he just legalized weed and we are all quite happy about that.

  11. You’re not too bright…he has NOT legalized weed…you don’t know much about how Parliament works…nor about how Legislation is passed, debated & affirmed by the Senate…and how it long it takes…

    But your comment about your love for weed says it all about you…

    I bet you think Health Care is FREE in Canada too…and that Health Care Professionals are paid with Fairy Dust…the same Fairy Dust Justine thinks that Planes fly on…

  12. You’re an idiot. There is a weed dispensary at the top of my street and my healthcare is free every time I use it. Just like it is in the more than 40 other industrialized countries. The senate is toothless and always has been. Free healthcare has been around since before he was born. Your country is the laughing stock of the world with a mentally ill orangutan stealing all your valuables while Russian hookers pee in his mouth. lol


    Those dispensaries are illegal…that’s why they keep getting busted!!!!

    Free Health Care?????

    It’s NOT Free…it’s NEVER been Free…and it NEVER will be Free!!!!!

    You don’t understand that Health Care is Government Funded(for the most part…excluding private donations to Hospitals)….through…TAXES!!!!

    You DO PAY Taxes…don’t you????…maybe you don’t…which means People who DO Pay taxes…Pay for YOUR Health Care!!!!

    Do you still think it’s FREE????

    Do you ever stop to think why Taxes are SO High in Canada…and continue to Rise????

  14. No dispensaries get busted in my city. None. They are open every day. And we have a great standard of living with very little crime. You are an idiot who probably hasn’t left your country or owns a passport.

  15. My questions are too much for you I see…you can’t refute them…except to say, “I can buy pot anytime I want’

    Wow…keep hitting that pipe…and believing that Fairy Dust pays for Health Care…

  16. If he has a gun in California he should be arrested and jailed for 10+ years…Californians have forfeited their rights to a gun with the understanding that cops will disarm all who BREAK THIS LAW. There is no question in my mind why gun rights are essential. This cop knows law abiding Trump supporters do not pose a threat. He doesn’t know that about the thugs who may well be armed and breaking the law. Thus… The cops allow the criminals to win. They are gutless cowards who deserve whatever comes to them.

  17. You are right, the cops are in a tough spot here…..that being said I would like to see fire hoses tuned on these Antifa pukes when they turn to violence to achieve their means…we have coddled these idiots for far too long

  18. Wow is this Calif? Guess that will be one place taken off my list of places to vacation add that to Chicago as 2 worst States.

  19. Fairy dust is the genuine article (1840). Pixie dust is a Disney knockoff. Thank you for alerting me to that–I definitely feel smarter!

  20. Why would I need to refute them when I can buy pot anytime I want?
    Also, why is it every other country with socialized healthcare consistently outperforms the US with longer, healthier lifespans? Our per capita spending on healthcare is half what it is in the US. The citizens are also consistently ranked as happier and healthier but you are brainwashed to think otherwise because you are not smart enough to know better. You probably got ripped off on your education too. Our post secondary is free……

  21. Post Secondary education is NOT Free!!!
    There you go again with the ‘Government’ gives you ‘FREE’ stuff…
    Where do think the money that governments spend come from???

  22. Not all is free but much of it is just as it is in Germany or Norway or Denmark or Sweden. The US is so far behind they think they are in front. I guess you haven’t noticed the US is 20 trillion in debt for all the useless unnecessary wars being wages all over the world while your citizens starve in the streets with no healthcare… 20 trillion? You better smoke another one….lol

  23. It’s NOT Free…It’s NEVER been Free…and it NEVER will be Free!!!!

    Answer my question…

    Where do think the Government gets it’s Money from????

    The very money that funds Health Care & Education…among other things…

    Ontario spends MORE than HALF of it’s annual Budget on Health Care…MORE than 50 BILLION DOLLARS a Year!!!!!

    Where do think that money comes from???

  24. Sooooooooo….the U.S. Taxpayers ‘PAY’ for Canadian Health Care???

    I didn’t know that…

    You know…if Canada wasn’t located next to the U.S….your official language would be Russian…

    Still can’t answer my question…can you?

    Where do governments get their money?

  25. US Taxpayers do not pay for our healthcare. In fact, bus loads of US seniors come to Canada to get their prescriptions filled every month at half the price they would pay in the US

    Our official languages are English and French. If it wasn’t for Russia in WW2 you morons would be speaking German.

    How do you pay for your illegal invasions? Tell me?

  26. The only reason Russia hasn’t invaded Canada…is because Canada is located next to the U.S.

    If Canada wasn’t located next to the U.S….all those Privileged Health Care Money(that you have yet to tell me where it comes from)would be spent on a Military to defend it’s vast borders…most notably…from Russia…

    It would take no time at all for Russia to invade Canada from over the North Pole…

    You should be Grateful for your neighbors to the South…without them…you wouldn’t have your Precious Health Care…AND…you’d be speaking Russian…

  27. Russia has socialized healthcare and the chicks would be hotter 🙂 and Russian is very rich language….Our neighbors to the south have lost their marbles and the rest of the world knows it. Shameful what your Country has become. Loathsome

  28. Nope…Governments are financed primarily through Taxes(sales, income, property)…any shortfalls(deficits)are made up through borrowing…

    That money is what pays for Your ‘Free’ Health Care & Your ‘Free’ Education!

    Did you get the Sarcasm?

    At the end of each Fiscal year…that Deficit is tagged on to the Overall Debt…and then the process starts all over again…

    Do you know what the Federal Debt is?

    Do you know what the Ontario provincial debt is?

    Do you know what that means for your Tax Burden?

  29. Of course I know all of these things. I also know our per capita expense for healthcare is half what it is in the US and our tuition fees for equivalent education are a fraction of what it is in the US. Our kids are not saddled with onerous student loans and no one files bankruptcy because they got sick. The facts are simple. EVERY industrialized country enjoys a better standard of living overall with better health and education outcomes than you have in your country. These are facts.

  30. Every Western Nation is High of the Hog through Borrowed Money…so that’s False Narrative…

    Do you know how much the Ontario Government pays in Interest payments per month on it’s Debt?

  31. What difference does that make? Do you have a clue about our monetary system or yours for that matter? Every dollar that is printed immediately becomes interest bearing to the point we can balance our budgets but it remains a fools errand. Debt financing is the scam of the century. This conversation is a complete waste of time if you are trying to find a way of saying the US system of graft and corruption is somehow better thatn the other countries graft and corruption. The bottom line is people are happier and enjoy a better standard of living with more vacation and greater incomes than the US.

  32. Seriously?

    Are you an Anarchist?

    What difference does it make?

    The Federal Government is more than 600 Billion in Debt…it is projected to go to1.5 Trillion if the current Liberals continue on their path of continuing to borrow 30 Billion+ per year…

    The Ontario Taxpayers pay more than 1 BILLION per month just to service the interest on their 300 BILLION + debt that has more than doubled under the McQuinty/Wynne Liberals in just over 10 years…and that is not even paying down any of the debt…

    What difference does it make?

    Higher Taxes for one…

    Rising Prices of products & services for 2…

    A collapsing Economy for 3…

    All Western Governments will eventually Crash & Burn…just like Greece…

    What will be of your Precious ‘Free’ Health Care & Education then?

  33. What is your point exactly? Do you understand economics at all? When the Bank act was changed in 1976 to allow tor infrastructure debt financing nothing else mattered. On one hand you say everyone i going in the same direction but everyone will eventually crash and burn. This is self evident but not because of healthcare or tuition. It’s because we have a structurally flawed monetary system with built in failure guaranteed. Do you understand this premise?

  34. They got snookered by the International bankers and the Euro scam. Should have maintained their independence. Like I said, The US and every other country will go the same way as Greece soon enough but not as a result of socialized healthcare or a well educated population. It will be because of a criminal banking system and useless wars based on a petro dollar. End of story

  35. I am the one that said that the West is going the way of Greece…and it IS because of Social Liberal Governments who are mortaging the Future by borrowing & spending and buying votes with Pipe Dream Promises…with no way of paying it back…

  36. Hahaha, Nothing to do with 6 trillion in useless wars and a criminal enterprise banking system? lol. It’s all because people are getting free healthcare? Read a book or something.

  37. Giving healthcare and education is the least of your worries Friend. If you spent an hour learning abut our monetary system you would realized it to be the case. Cheers.

  38. I haven’t had any sort of indication you know much about Canada and I’m not playing dumb. This thread started with you droning on about liberal mindsets which is absurd but is indicative of most ill informed discourse.

  39. There you go playing Dumb again…

    Are you taking lessons on how to answer questions from our Prime Minister???

  40. “Leave me alone”??? Really??? How about you do your job you POS.