WATCH: Trump Supporters Chant ‘Do Your Job’ at Cops Refusing to Arrest BLM Thug Menacing MAGA X-Mas Parade in Michigan

President Trump’s supporters in Michigan are outraged by cowardly police who allegedly refused to punish a Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorist from violating their civil rights at a rally on Wednesday evening.

The peaceful MAGA Christmas parade took place outside of the Lansing Capitol building with hundreds of gleeful participants showing up:

A Black Lives Matter activist was detained by patriots until law enforcement could show up after he reportedly tried to careen into the parade route:

The Trump supporters explained to Michigan State Police what happened when they finally arrived on the scene, and the cops eventually questioned the hostile driver:

Eventually, the cops let the Black Lives Matter activist go, as violent leftists are held to a different standard these days in the United States of Somalia.

This completely enraged the Trump supporters who are starting to question their “Back the Blue” mindset as police mindlessly follow orders and help the Left destroy the Bill of Rights and Constitution:

ANTIFA also had a presence at the rally, protesting the Trump supporters’ display in favor of Christmas while demonstrating their typical level of class and dignity:

Unfortunately, this is far from the first time that cops have shown themselves to be cowards and refused to support the civil rights of patriots who back the blue.

Big League Politics reported over the summer as cops issued citations to hair stylists exercising civil disobedience by cutting hair outside of the state Capitol:

The Michigan State Police (MSP) issued $500 fines for “disorderly” behavior to barbers who participated in Operation Haircut, a rally against arbitrary quarantine edicts issued by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer…

One of the barbers targeted by police is Sarah Huff, the 29-year-old owner of the Ardor + Grit salon in Holland, Mich. She received a citation for being a “disorderly person” for cutting hair outside of the Capitol on Wednesday.

She spoke to Big League Politics about the tyranny she endured for being willing to stand for her livelihood at the Capitol.

“When I talked to the cops, I actually asked them specifically if they were okay with doing this, and I had two cops, who were very nice, and they kind of both looked at each other, and then looked at me and said they cannot have an opinion,” Huff said while describing the incident.

“I don’t know. That’s kind of crazy that you can’t have any opinion on liberty,” she added.

Police provide a free pass to violent left-wing thugs again, jeopardizing their support from patriotic Americans.

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