WATCH: Tucker Carlson Hammers RINO Ben Sasse for Refusing to Stand with American Workers

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has frequently blistered vulture capitalist Paul Singer, the globalist hedge fund leader who has devastated communities with his unethical business practices, on his prime-time show this week.

Carlson criticized Singer for his role in the devastation of Sidney, Nebraska, which used to be the location of Cabela’s headquarters until Singer used his Wall Street pull to facilitate a sale to rival company Bass Pro Shop in 2016. Sanger made tens of millions because of his shady maneuvering, but thousands of Sidney residents lost their jobs as a direct result.

Carlson called out Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) for being silent about the plight of Sidney, and suggested that the anti-Trump legislator was cowed because he was afraid to upset the GOP establishment donor class. Sasse’s office issued a response to Carlson’s claims.

“Melissa and I know the families in Sidney and I have constantly told companies, including Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops, that nobody outworks or out hustles Nebraskans,” Sasse’s office said.

“Sidney hasn’t given up and neither have we. There’s a real problem with American communities coming apart, and it’s going to require creative policy making. But this problem isn’t going to be solved by the easy, over-promising big government advocates on either the left or the right,” the statement concluded.

Carlson was not happy with Sasse’s “bumper sticker slogans from 1986” about the evils of big government. He is demanding real solutions, rather than the tired lip service that Americans have tuned out for years.

“Creative policy making is what Senator Sasse says we need, and of course we agree with him,” Carlson said. “First, call it what it is. This wasn’t creative destruction. Nothing was created. It was just destruction. Destruction for the enrichment of a tiny number of people at the expense of many others. You don’t have to make this illegal to call it disgusting. Because that’s exactly what it is. So our first creative policy ought to be to tell the truth.”

He also believes that Sasse and other Republican lawmakers should return donations from Singer, and end their association with the reviled GOP paymaster.

“If one of your biggest donors turned out to be a pornographer or a mass distributor of Oxycontin, you’d send back the donation,” Carlson said. “You wouldn’t want to be associated with someone like that. You would want to be clear about your own values. Senator Sasse should be clear about his.”

Carlson then challenged Republicans to drop the weak talking points, and start addressing the issues that matter.

“Republican senators ought to resolve to speak to the rest of us like adults,” he said.. “No more baby talk. Stop with the bumper sticker phrases from 1986. It’s a different country now. The question isn’t whether we are getting big government. Too late. We already have it, in part thanks to you, Republican senators.”

“The question is whether we will become a socialist country run by a terrifying alliance of authoritarian big tech moguls and wild eyed identity politics cult members. That could happen. We are closer to it than our leaders acknowledge,” Carlson added.

The entire segment can be seen here:


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