WATCH: Tucker Carlson Lights Up Feckless Republican Senators for Seeking to Abolish Columbus Day

Tucker Carlson exposed a plot on Wednesday night from two Republican Senators to abolish the American holiday tradition of Columbus Day from the federal calendar, replacing it with the cultural trend of Juneteenth.

Carlson castigated Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and Oklahoma’s James Lankford for a proposal to remove Columbus Day as a federal policy, pointing to them as examples of the culturally feckless conservative leaders who wholly ignore the struggle to defend American heritage and legacy from fanatic liberal ideologues determined to abolish it all and replace “problematic” cultural practices such as Columbus Day with progressive imitations.

Watch Tucker’s segment here:

Senators Johnson and Lankford are hoping to quietly remove Columbus Day, and then move on to the next item on the rioters list of demands.

What other acts of revolution and cultural desecration can we expect from our suddenly woke Republican Senator friends? That’s a good question.

Johnson and Lankford advanced a legislative proposal to quietly abolish the day commemorating the discovery of the Americas and the historical explorer, claiming that the need to manage the paid holidays of the federal workforce and that supposed damage to the national economy from the addition of the Juneteenth federal holiday. Johnson claimed that Columbus Day should be abolished on account of it being “lightly celebrated.”

If not for the possibility of being publicly shamed on Tucker Carlson Tonight for dereliction in the battle to preserve American heritage and greatness from the culturally authoritarian Left, it’s more than likely that a considerable portion of the Republican Senate caucus would be lining up to abolish the storied American holiday in the name of ‘muh GDP.’

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