WATCH: Tucker Carlson’s Case for Trump: “An Indictment of the Ruling Class”

Tucker Carlson made an election eve argument for the reelection of President Donald Trump, pointing to the President as a one man “indictment of the ruling class” originally elected with the mandate of reversing a generation of globalist failures at the highest levels of American leadership.

Tucker cited Trump’s popularity in Middle American communities such as Butler, Pennsylvania, where the President rallied more than 15,000 of his supporters in the most critical swing state of the election. Butler is a storied Pennsylvania community built off the proud tradition of manufacturing in the Rust Belt community; an industry that has sadly largely disappeared from the region as a result of a half-century of liberal-globalist governance. The President won a great share of support from the Pittsburgh area as a result of his pro-American trade and manufacturing agenda in 2016, going on to create more than 17,000 manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania before the coronavirus pandemic.

Why did all those people come? They must know that Donald Trump is the most evil man who’s ever lived. They’ve heard that every day for five years. They’ve heard that people who support Trump are also evil.

People in Butler knew all of that. But they went to the Trump rally anyway. Millions of Americans sincerely love Donald Trump.

They love Donald Trump because no one else loves them. The country they built. The country their ancestors fought for over hundreds of years- has left them to die in their unfashionable little towns. Mocked and despised by the sneering halfwits with finance degrees, but no actual skills- who seem to run everything all of a sudden.

Whatever Donald Trump’s faults, he is better than the rest of the people in charge. At least he doesn’t hate them for their weakness. Donald Trump in other words, is and has always been a living indictment of the people who run this country.”

A shock Trump reelection on Tuesday would serve as the greatest repudiation of the liberal corporate and governmental establishment in the history of the United States of America.


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