WATCH: Tucker Exposes The Biden Regime’s Lies On ‘Return To Normal’

In a recent monologue on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker went after the Biden Regime for their continued nonsensical and unscientific abuses of the American people amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video can be found here.

Tucker began the monologue discussing the differences between a weak and strong regime, foreshadowing the main topic.

“Strong regimes are a lot like strong people, they’re self-confident. Because they are, they’re rational and moderate, they can afford to be those things.

“They’ve unquestioned legitimacy, admitting honest mistakes does not threaten them, why would it? They can tell the truth without fear. Strong regimes are marked by cheerfulness and an open-minded spirit. You know them when you see them, they’re easy to recognize.”

Things soon took a more somber tone.

“Weakness has the opposite effect. Weak leaders live in terror, they lie constantly, they admit nothing. They rule by force because they have no choice, they have lost their legitimacy.”

“When they begin to lose control they panic…. unable to acknowledge the magnitude of their failure they retreat into delusion and their behavior becomes irrational, they start issuing bizarre commands.”

Tucker then recounted the tale of Nikolai Tchaikovsky, a Russian revolutionary who grew increasingly angry and demanding of his own authority just before being executed by his own guards.

The story then went to the Biden regime, who have recently announced plans to bring back forced masking to American adults and schoolchildren alike.

“We learned today that in the face of the waning pandemic, the Biden administration will dramatically increase covid restrictions across the country. Millions of children will now be required to cover their faces in schools. This despite the scientifically established fact that masks pose a far greater threat to children than COVID does. So strictly speaking is a scientific matter this is lunacy, but there’s more.”

“According to an announcement by the CDC this afternoon the administration will force masks on adults as well, including people who’ve already been vaccinated. Pause to consider this for a moment. Americans were promised that if they took the vaccines they could have their lives back, so by the millions they did that. Now they have learned in the clearest possible way that they were lied to. They got their shots, but the Biden administration has decided to continue to control what they wear, where they go, and who they talked to. Why are they doing that?”

Tucker then showed a clip of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki telling Fox News journalist Peter Doocey that the COVID-19 vaccine is in fact very effective, but all people including the vaccinated must once again wear masks because “public health leaders in our administration have made the determination.”

In other words, because they said so.

“This is the medical justification for suffocating your third grader with a paper mask forever,” he then said.

Tucker then gave a large thesis for the monologue, before discussing the rights of the millions of Americans who have still not taken a COVID-19 vaccine and who do not want to be coerced into doing so.

“But in fact a moment this absurd cannot last for long, it’s just too irrational. The people making the decisions are too discredited, they’re too transparently unwise. What you’re watching is a decaying system based on presumed expertise finally reach its ugly end stage. At some point, it will be gone because it has no legitimacy.”

The monologue can be watched in its entirety here.

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