WATCH: Tucker SLAMS Lindsey Graham For EB5 Visa Giveaway Scheme Amidst Coronavirus Epidemic

Tucker Carlson took South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham to task in a segment on his show Thursday night, blasting the opportunistic Senator for seeking to insert an immigration visa giveaway into upcoming Coronavirus stimulus legislation.

Graham is attempting to enact a raise in the annual level of EB-5 visas. The controversial program allows wealthy foreigners to enter the United States on the basis of supposed investment they make into the economy.

Graham is lobbying President Trump to agree to a massive boost to the program-raising annual EB-5 visa levels from a current total of 10,000 to 75,000. Graham also seeks to lower the threshold of investment for an EB-5 from $900,000 to $450,000.

In a display of tone-deaf politics taken to a new level, the EB-5 program Graham seeks to expand is currently commonly used by wealthy Chinese citizens to purchase American residency and citizenship. Allowing a free path to residency for China’s richest multi-millionaires and billionaires almost certainly would provide the Chinese government a means of entryism into major American institutions and society, in an age where the American public is more distrustful and skeptical of Chinese influence than ever before.

Watch the segment here:

Graham has also gone on record advocating for a bailout of big businesses and private companies, while opposing direct basic income transfers to everyday working American families.

American citizenship is not a mere bauble to be offered for sale in a time of crisis, especially considering the EB-5’s dubious benefits on the American economy. The verification mechanisms for the visa recipients’ investments in American jobs are notoriously weak, to the extent that both major parties agreed to scale back the program last year.

America is a country, not merely an economy. It’s well past time Senator Graham gives up his constant attempt to retcon old globalist policies into President Donald Trump’s administration, especially in times of national emergency.


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