WATCH: Tucker SWATS Down Soros-Funded Character Assassination Attempt in Scathing Opening Segment

A Soros-linked media group sought to launch a character assassination smear against Fox News host Tucker Carlson over the weekend, seeking to get the ratings kingpin fired from the cable news channel and ostracized from “polite” society over recordings of a few backroom jokes with some radio show hosts around a decade ago.

The old audio from a decade ago surfaced from a Media Matters operative, a progressive group funded by George Soros.

Operatives from the organization had hoped that Carlson would profusely apologize, back down, and retire from public life, thus silencing a leading critic of the progressive left’s push for total political, social and cultural control over American life.

Media Matters had been hoping for a “apology,” potentially creating a window for the progressive hate mob to flood Fox with calls for Tucker’s firing.

Instead, the Tuck fired back with a scathing takedown of the progressive mob that will leave the Soros-funded operatives with a rhetorical smackdown they won’t soon forget.

Watch here:

Tucker’s takedown of classic and time-tested leftist character assassination tactics could represent the first chink in neutralizing them as one of the most effective political tools of the progressive left.

Liberals are compelled to try and oust individuals like Tucker because he represents a threat to their political power- not because they’re genuinely morally outraged over a few jokes Tucker told a radio host ten years ago.

Tucker brought up the Covington Catholic hate hoax earlier this year- highlighting it as an example of another incident when conservative leaders were all-but prepared to let a few innocent boys be defamed by progressives.

Yet, a few fearless truth-seekers stood up, standing up to the mob and exposing a dastardly hate hoax.

The sooner conservatives, patriots and right wingers learn to simply shrug off the “deceit and enforced silence” demanded of them by progressives, the sooner the left becomes utterly powerless and doomed in the American political arena.

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