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WATCH: Yale Classmate of Kavanaugh And Roommate To Accuser Ramirez Says ‘Never Saw Him Be Sexually Aggressive’



A Yale classmate of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, (who was also a roommate of the second uncorroborated sexual assault accuser Deborah Ramirez), went on CNN to accuse Kavanaugh of not being truthful in describing his drinking while in college, but ended up giving a solid character reference on one topic that both the media and Democrats are using to try and destroy him.

Ramirez was in a class with Kavanaugh while at Yale and earlier this week accused him of thrusting his penis in her face during a dorm party. Liz Swisher was Ramirez’s roommate for three years during their time at the prestigious school, and was unable to corroborate Ramirez’s allegations.

The classmate, Liz Swisher, told CNN host Chris Cuomo:

“I’ve known Brett since the very beginning of freshman year. He was always one of the beer drinking boys and I drank beer with him. I liked beer. There’s no problem with drinking beer in college. The problem is lying about it. He drank heavily. He was a partier. He liked to do beer bongs. He played drinking games. He, he was a sloppy drunk. He was more interested in impressing the boys than he was in impressing the girls.

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“I never saw him be sexually aggressive. But he definitely was sloppy drunk.”

Of course, Cuomo blew right past Swisher’s shocking statement on the drunken sex predator accusations being used to destroy Kavanaugh: “So, in terms of the allegations of a more serious nature, you have nothing on that. You never him do anything that you would call wrong or offensive or inappropriate with anyone. Good to know, out of fairness.”

The interview continued with Swisher and Cuomo discussing whether or not Kavanaugh perjured himself during Thursday’s hearing when he discussed his drinking, based on Swisher’s account of how much beer Kavanaugh could consume without blacking out or having memory loss.

Cuomo Prime Time account on Twitter tweeted late Friday evening: “Former Yale classmate of Brett Kavanaugh, Liz Swisher, describes him as “one of the beer drinking boys,” saying she never saw him behave sexually aggressive, but that he was “definitely a sloppy drunk.”

Kavanaugh has been very open about both his past and current drinking habits, clarifying during the hearing that he still likes beer.

During his opening testimony on Thursday, Kavanaugh spoke on his love for beer saying, “I drank beer with my friends. Almost everyone did. Sometimes I had too many beers. Sometimes others did. I liked beer. I still like beer. But I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out, and I never sexually assaulted anyone.”

Kavanaugh continued, “There is a bright line between drinking beer, which I gladly do and which I fully embrace, and sexually assaulting someone, which is a violent crime. If every American who drinks beer or every American who drank beer in high school is suddenly presumed guilty of sexual assault, it will be an ugly new place in this country. I never committed sexual assault.”

Kavanaugh has denied drinking enough to have memory loss or blackout, which Swisher has claimed when speaking with the media.

Swisher told the Washington Post:

“Brett was a sloppy drunk, and I know because I drank with him. I watched him drink more than a lot of people. He’d end up slurring his words, stumbling,” said Swisher, a Democrat and chief of the gynecologic oncology division at the University of Washington School of Medicine. “There’s no medical way I can say that he was blacked out. . . . But it’s not credible for him to say that he has had no memory lapses in the nights that he drank to excess.”

The New York Times spoke with Swisher and reported:

Another former classmate, Dr. Elizabeth Swisher, now a gynecologic oncologist in Seattle, said it would be “a lie” to say that he “never had a blackout” from drinking in college.

“I saw him very drunk many times and there is no way he remembers everything about every night,” she said.
Kavanaugh and his family will have to endure at least one more week of hell with the 7th FBI investigation underway, looking into the conduct of the nominee.

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