WATCH: Yellow Vest Protestors Tear Down EU Flag

A video posted to Twitter by Voice of Europe shows the famed Yellow Vest protestors of France tearing down a European Union flag.

The video shows a determined protestor scaling a flagpole to remove the symbol of European bureaucracy:

This is the seventh weekend that the protestors have taken to the streets in France. During their week, the mainstream press reported them as protests over a fuel tax. But when French President Emmanuel Macron agreed to nix the tax, the protests continued. Since then, the press has been silent.

The true motivation for the protests is growing disdain for unelected globalist elites in the European Union who have seized power over sovereign nations and their citizens.

Big League Politics reported:

The Yellow Vest protests in France are set to enter their third weekend while the French government is warning about a potential “coup attempt.”

“The intelligence services have reported to the Elysee Palace, the official residence of the president, that there have been ‘calls to kill’ and ‘carry arms to attack’ parliamentarians, government officials and police officers, Le Figaro newspaper said on Thursday,” according to an RT report.

RT cited a French source who said “this is a coup attempt.” The French government has reportedly banned employees from working this weekend.

“On Thursday Eric Drouet one of the movement’s most famous leaders announced the Yellow Vests plans to approach the residence of Emmanuel Macron. ‘Saturday will be the final outcome, Saturday is the Elysee, we all would like to go to the Elysee,’” he said according to the report.

The French protests were sparked over a fuel tax increase, but have grown into something much larger. Both the political left and right have teamed up to protest Macron while American mainstream press has largely ignored the groundbreaking events. Even after Macron abandoned his plans for the fuel tax, the protestors have pressed forward.

The protest have spread to other countries in Europe, including Belgium and Ireland, and as far as Beirut, Lebanon.

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