WATCH: ‘You Can’t Watch This’ Movie Will Reveal Impact of Big Tech Censorship

You Cant Watch This Tech Censorship

“You Can’t Watch This” is a new film promises to chronicle the big tech purges of Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Tommy Robinson, Gavin McInnes, and Paul Joseph Watson.

The movie, set to be released on May 15, will offer a behind-the-scenes perspective on the recent waves of censorship at the hands of big tech companies that has resulted in prominent conservatives being removed from the public sphere.

Responding to Big League Politics’ request for comment, British filmmaker George Llewellyn-John explains that he hopes to inform the world that social media is a vital part of modern life, and excluding members of the public from it represents a direct threat.

“People think it’s just social media, we still have this outdated view of it,” wrote Llewellyn-John. “In reality social media is where we live our lives, where we refine our views and hammer out important cultural issues.”

He added, “It’s the one person one vote principle. It doesn’t matter how educated you are or what your income is or what you do for a living – you get a vote. It should be the same for social media.”

Llewellyn-John hopes the video will help “mainstream conservatives” understand the impact of social media on their political goals, and convince those across the aisle they they may not be immune to the pitfalls of tech censorship.

“I hope people on the right, particularly the mainstream right, will realise how big a problem this is for them.” He also hopes “people on the left will realise this issue is going to start affecting them as well.”

“We have to stop viewing Free Speech as a one sided issue,” he added.

Llewellyn-John made clear that he does not politically align himself with some of the figures in the movie, but finds it important to tell their story because “if the First Amendment isn’t for everyone then it isn’t for anyone.”

The movie has been in production for some time, Llewellyn-John explains that “as things heated up” he rapidly pushed up his production schedule for the May 15 release.

“You Can’t Watch This” began production in January of this year, and includes critical moments of history including “Tommy Robinson making his last livestream on Facebook before he was banned,” and “Gavin McInnes wrestling with the prospect of starting from scratch.”

Llewellyn-John concluded by telling Big League Politics that the timing of the movie is “perfect” and that “for the people involved it’s never been more urgent.”

“You Can’t Watch This” will be released on May 15 exclusively on Vimeo.

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