Watchdogs File Suit Against State of California To Stop Stimulus Payment to Illegal Immigrants

Conservative lawyer Harmeet Dhillon and the Center for American Liberty are filing a lawsuit against the state of California to stop the planned stimulus package the state has prepared for a selected pool of illegal immigrants.

Dhillon tweeted about the latest developments in the case on Thursday, noting that the California Supreme Court had requested Governor Gavin Newsom respond to the lawsuit.

Governor Newsom had announced that the state was delegating at least $75 million for payments of $500 to illegal immigrants ineligible for the state’s unemployment program last week. Only citizens of the United States and lawful permanent residents with 2019 or 2018 tax returns on file can receive the $1,200 TrumpBux payment created through the CARES stimulus legislation, and Newsom wanted to create a similar program for the state’s illegal immigrant community.

Dhillon is accusing Newsom of creating an unemployment or welfare program independently of California’s laws, which don’t authorize such a stimulus program.

We are a nation of laws and California perhaps its own ‘nation-state’ of laws as Governor Newsom might say, but regardless of Governor Newsom’s noble intentions, he may not grant unemployment benefits or other cash benefits contrary to the law,” Dhillon outlined in the legal petition.

Applications for what the state of California is referring to as a relief fund are set to be opened next month. U.S. citizens are ineligible for the program, which is reserved exclusively for illegal immigrants.


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