WE STAND AMERICA: Gen. Michael Flynn, Rep. Mark Finchem and Other Experts are Traveling the Country to Make the Case That Election Fraud is a Top National Security Issue

Leading border security activist Christie Hutcherson recently appeared on Big League Politics Live where she discussed her efforts to make the case that stopping election fraud is a top national security issue.

Hutcherson, who leads Women Fighting for America, is appearing with many leading experts and fighters for election integrity, including General Michael Flynn and Arizona state representative and Trump-endorsed secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem, at an event in McAllen, Tex. scheduled to take place on Jan. 29 and 30.

“If a patriot wants to do something and make a change and make a difference in this nation, you need to come to McAllen, Texas,” Hutcherson said.

“When you have young males, by the way, 68 percent of all illegals who are coming over the border are males. You’re seeing the women and children. You’re thinking it’s women and children who are coming across the border for a better life for their family units. It is a lie. It is the painting of the picture of this narrative that they are lying to you,” she said.

Hutcherson explained this is an issue for all states, even those that are far away from the U.S. southern border, because illegals are being housed and resettled in states across the country. She believes this could be the next phase of the Democrats’ election fraud plans.

“Every state has election issues. Every state had something that went awry, and we have to identify what the problems are so we can fix those problems, right? If you have a disease, to cure that disease, you have to identify the disease so you can attack it. This is the same thing,” she said.

Hutcherson is sending out the clarion call for every patriot across the country, regardless of where they may fall on the ideological spectrum, to attend the coming seminar in McAllen, Tex. This is the kick off for the national movement that will put the election integrity fight in its proper perspective and allow it to have the success needed to protect the vote on a nationwide basis.

“We are going to educate you on why this is important, that you need to understand what happened, how we got here, and then we will give you the solution for what you can do as a patriot to take back this nation, but we need you to show up,” she said.

“If the pink hat ladies, the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter can show up in the tens of thousands, why can’t patriots show up in the thousands upon thousands to say peacefully that we stand for closed borders, election integrity, school choice, free medical choice, all of these things our nation stands for, our Constitution?” Hutcherson queried.

“Numbers matter. When you show up, it matters. That’s what drives the needle. That’s what going to put these elected officials to do the right thing by you is if you show up,” she added.

The full BLP Live video can be seen here:

For more information on the upcoming national security event in McAllen, Tex. to defeat voter fraud, visit WeStandAmerica.com. For more information on Hutcherson’s Women Fighting for America group, visit wffa.win.

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