‘We Want Total War!’: Gavin Wax Gives Historic Address at New York Young Republican Club Gala

New York Young Republican Club President Gavin Wax gave a historic address calling for “total war” at his annual New York Young Republican Club gala earlier this month.

Wax started the speech by lauding his group’s members for “leading the fight against the forces of radical leftism” in New York City that “are true political dissidents who risk being cancelled, doxxed and fired at a moment’s notice for their bold, America First stances.”

He noted that the Club’s endorsement of Donald J. Trump for President in 2024 was shared by the man himself, showing how the Club is at the cutting edge of the nascent America First movement.

Wax put the blame on the failed leadership class of the GOP, including Sen. Mitch McConnell, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, and RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney-McDaniel, for disappointing results in the midterms that squandered a “generational political realignment” in “an epic and frankly embarrassing fashion.”

“The grassroots, the base, we donated our money. We volunteered our time. We doorknocked, we phonebanked, we canvassed, and we rallied for this Party and its candidates. But the sad truth of the matter is our donations were wasted, our efforts were taken advantage of, and our energy was squandered,” he said.

“Republican leadership isn’t interested in governing majorities. It is content to be a token and controlled opposition of the Left. It cares only about control of its own minority caucus and kowtowing to the out-of-touch donor class,” Wax added.

This is when the revolutionary fervor of Wax’s pointed rhetoric started to heat up. He decried the “feckless members of leadership” and “greasy consultant grifters” who “make out like kings” while the non-connected conservative base is crushed by Democrat tyranny.

“I express full sympathy with all those at war with the present conditions of this nation… This is fundamentally a spiritual war for the heart and soul of this nation and Western Civilization as a whole,” he said.

“I do not exaggerate. I do not overstate or misstate when I declare to you tonight that we are the most lawless and deviant of any of the great civilized nation. There is no country of first importance where there is so little respect for the rule of law as there is in our own Republic,” Wax added.

He noted that Democrats tend to win because of their “ruthless political machine” that “brazenly flouts the law, stuffs the ballot box, and then dares law enforcement, judges and other officials to do something about it.” Wax believes this may be the most “formidable and diabolical” political force “the world has ever known.”

Despite the seemingly daunting odds, Wax remains optimistic about the future of America due to the rising populist movement that is increasingly bubbling up to the surface within the Right.

“My generation feels in their heart of hearts that the promise of America that has been stolen from them, and they are not wrong… I demand action – bold, energetic and immediate action,” he said, noting how the New York Young Republicans Club won a court case defeating partisan redistricting lines in the state assembly and club members stood up for religious freedom against psychotic pro-abortion activists.

“We want more offenses. We want flanking maneuvers. We want to cross the Rubicon. We want total war,” Wax said. “We must be prepared to do battle in every arena, in the media, in the courtroom, at the ballot box, and in the streets. This is the only language the Left understands: The language of pure and unadulterated power.”

“For our decadent, technocratic overlords expect to lull us into a deep sleep through technology, ubiquitous propaganda and artificial prosperity created under a mountain of debt. Many have fallen under a spell and are content to accept their subjugation with a smile under their face buried under three masks that they wear as a sign of mindless obsequiousness,” he added.

Wax called for Republicans to fight and defeat the Democrats at every level, and then operate government with “ruthless efficiency” as the institutional purge against traitors is furiously waged.

“We demand nothing short of a complete and total national renewal – free of corporate special interests, free of foreign influence, and committed only to upholding traditional American values and our national sovereignty,” he stated.

The full speech can be seen here:

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