WEAK: Army Football Program Changes Their Motto to Appease Social Justice Warriors

The Army football program has folded to social justice pressure and announced that they will be dropping its signature motto due to its perceived racism.

For many years, the team has put the letters “GFBD” on a black skull-and-crossbones flag while entering the field. The letters stand for “God Forgives, Brothers Don’t,” and the black flag is waved next to the American flag as they prepare for battle against the opposing team. It has become a popular rallying cry for the football players, and the letters were even engraved on their rings after Army won the Armed Forces Bowl.

That phrase has now been deemed racist, and after some complaints to West Point officials were filed, the football team caved to the pressure.

“It’s embarrassing, quite frankly,” said Lt. Gen. Darryl Williams, the superintendent of the United States Military Academy. “… We take stuff like this very, very seriously. Once I found out about this goofiness, I asked one of our most senior colonels to investigate.”

Head football coach Jeff Monken said he was “mortified” by the use of the phrase and called it a “teaching moment” in which social justice dogma could be instilled upon the players. No aspect of society is safe from this encroaching agenda nowadays.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has led the charge to demonize this statement that has been regularly used by biker gangs across the country. Similar to their demonization of the ‘OK’ hand symbol and the bowl cut in recent months, they classify the statement as hate speech.

According to a West Point investigation, cadets started using the phrase after seeing it used in a popular action movie. The investigators determined that use of the motto was “benign” and done without the knowledge of “the views or beliefs of white supremacist groups or any other disreputable organizations with which they might also be associated.”

One of the team’s upperclassman confirmed how important the motto was to him and other cadets. However, comradely and toughness are no longer permissible in the age of political correctness.

“That’s become our symbol,” the upperclassman said to ESPN. “I don’t know if you can see it, but it says ‘GFBD’ over the teeth: God Forgives, Brothers Don’t. That’s just something we always say, and that’s become part of us.”

The Army football team is currently devising a new motto that will appease the lynch mob of tolerance and diversity.

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