Weak New York Republican Leader Gets Put on Blast for Not Standing Up for Law Enforcement While Radical Mobs Wreak Havoc on the Streets

New York City has quickly become one of the main battlegrounds between those who favor law and order and those who want to unleash chaos on the streets.

In recent weeks, a number of protests have kicked off where agitators have taken advantage of the mayhem caused by the death of George Floyd to go out and rampage.

Patriotic Americans have responded in kind with peaceful demonstrations standing behind law enforcement who are under constant siege by the media and radical activists.

One would think that Republicans, people who are part of a party that claims to be in favor of law and order, would be completely on the same page when it comes to supporting law enforcement.

However, one Republican leader has cowered in the face of adversity. Joel Acevedo, the President of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club decided to sit on the sidelines.

“Good police do not need defending,” Acevedo told the New York Times. “You can be pro-police and still support accountability to a police system that perpetuates inequities in Black communities. They’re not mutually exclusive.”

For his milquetoast statement and refusal to participate in a pro-police rally, Acevedo was immediately criticized by Gavin Wax, the President of the New York Young Republican Club.

Wax tweeted, “Hey @KingsCountyGOP do you support this sort-of garbage? Why is your officially chartered Young Republican org anti-Police? Are you guys asleep at the wheel? Anyone home? You were happy to attack my club months ago but now your YR club won’t back the blue? Get it together.”

BLP reached out to Wax, who offered his take on the situation:

The Brooklyn Young Republican Club continues to demonstrate that they are nothing more than a leftist Democrat front operation attempting to erode Republican institutions in New York. From their support of open borders, to nationalized healthcare, to universal basic income, and now their anti-Police rhetoric, it is clear that their viewpoints goes far beyond being simply anti-Trump. They do not represent Republicans in Brooklyn or anywhere for that matter, their lack of real membership or attendance at events shows how their messaging is even too radical for Lincoln Project cronies. We are calling on the Brooklyn GOP and the Association of New York Young Republican Clubs to not only condemn and censure the Brooklyn Young Republicans but terminate their charter and allow real Young Republicans to form a club that truly represents the conservative movement.

In a time when chaos is only growing, the Right needs resolute figures. Those who are passive will be useless in the inevitable conflict between the Right and the radical Left.

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