Weak RINO Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Dismantles Makeshift Border Wall at Behest of Biden Regime

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the weak RINO who was a great personal friend of deceased former U.S. senator John McCain, is tearing down his border wall to serve the Biden administration.

The makeshift border wall was made of shipping containers that were lined with barb wire. Arizona will bring them all down by Jan. 4, making it easier for illegals to invade the border, after the Biden regime objected.

The U.S Interior and Agriculture departments made a filing arguing that “a declaration that Arizona’s use and occupancy of lands owned by the United States without the required permits or other authorization constitutes unlawful trespasses.” They stated that “hundreds of double-stacked, multi-ton shipping containers…damage federal lands, threaten public safety, and impede the ability of federal agencies and officials, including law enforcement personnel, to perform their official duties.”

In typical cowardly RINO fashion, Ducey is painting the capitulation as a win, arguing that the Biden regime will take care of the border problem now.

“Finally, after the situation on our border has turned into a full blown crisis, they’ve decided to act,” Ducey’s spokesman said. “Better late than never.”

Big League Politics has reported on Ducey’s shameful record as governor of Arizona, using his authority to block conservative policies from taking hold in the state:

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey recently vetoed legislation that would have banned critical race theory and protected election integrity.

Ducey blamed the lack of a budget for his decision to veto the legislation to fix Arizona elections and protect children from being indoctrinated with anti-white, anti-American poison in the classroom…

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