WEAK: Seattle Police Request Permission to Enter “Autonomous Zone” From Left-Wing Militants

Seattle Police were seen attempting to negotiate with far-left militants in order to enter the so-called ‘Capital Hill Autonomous Zone,’ an anarchist commune that ANTIFA-linked leftists claim is a sovereign territory distinct from the United States.

The police were seen humbly trying to enter what was formerly a police precinct located within the confines of the Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ. The precinct had been surrendered by Seattle city authorities to leftists without so much as even a fight.

Watch the bizarre interaction between two police officers and a crowd of leftists, some of whom weren’t happy to see the police officers within the confines of their self-styled anarchist commune.

The police were escorted by an individual affiliated with the CHAZ, who explained his basis on escorting the police to their station. When questioned on the matter by another leftist, he argued that it was legitimate for him to do so because he’s black.

The Seattle police openly admit in the video that the CHAZ poses a serious danger to public safety and that its existence in enabling crime, but Seattle Democratic authorities have proved totally unwilling to dismantle the secessionist anarchist rebellion.

Our 911 response time is triple what it was before we had officers not working out of this precinct. That’s not acceptable. We have people being assaulted… It’s taking [police] 15 minutes to get there.

There isn’t any indication that Seattle’s government is planning on taking back the territory usurped by the leftists. The city’s liberal Democratic Mayor openly praised the project in a contrived attack on President Trump, ignoring the reports of rapes, assaults, and crimes within the territory.

Unfortunately for the anarchists, it appears not all present within the CHAZ share their stateless vision. A soundcloud rapper named Raz Simone has increasingly staked himself out as the “warlord” of the territory, beating graffiti artists and other members of the community who choose to oppose him.

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