Weapons Cache Heading to Mexico Confiscated by CBP at Texas Border Crossing Checkpoint

According to United States Customs and Border Protection officials,  CBP seized a large cache of firearms en route to Mexico at a Texas border crossing checkpoint. According to Bob Price of Breitbart News, CBP officers discovered 17 weapons, which included high-powered rifles. 

CBP officers tasked with patrolling the outbound lanes of the Del Rio International Bridge on February 19, 2023 witnessed a 2004 Ford cargo van towing a trailer heading to an inspection checkpoint prior to its attempted entry to Mexico. Per CBP officials, the officer instructed the driver to head to a secondary inspection station. 

Officers then used a non-intrusive imaging system to scan the cargo van and trailer for any suspicious cargo. After the scan, the officers carried out a physical search of the vehicle and trailer. During the search, the officers found a large cache of weapons being transported into Mexico. 

The CBP officers confiscated 17 weapons, which included high-powered rifles. On top of that, officers discovered 22 magazines, three feeder clips, and two scopes. Per officials’ report, the weapons and accessories were discovered in an ice chest and mini-refrigerator. 

After seizing the weapons and accessories, they sent this case over to ICE Homeland Security Investigations for continued investigation.

“Our CBP officers continue to do outstanding enforcement work,” Port Director Liliana Flores, Del Rio Port of Entry, declared in a  statement highlighting this incident. “This interception is just one example of the work they do to protect our communities on both sides of the border.”

No doubt about it, there are plenty of weapons and drugs transported from the US to Mexico and vice versa. Such activity is facilitated by the US’s loose border. The whole name of the game here is for rootless cosmopolitans in both Mexico and the US to profit while the working classes of both countries suffer from high crime, depressed wages, and other social ills associated with an open border. From a big picture perspective, this is one of several steps that globalist elites in the Western Hemisphere want to take in order to create a de facto North American Union. 

To stop this globalist project, America’s border integrity must be restored once and for all.

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