WEASEL: Chris Wallace Speculates That President Trump May Not Have Been Tested for COVID-19 Before Presidential Debate

Fox News journalist Chris Wallace, who propped up former vice president Joe Biden at the first presidential debate, is slinging unproven accusations at President Trump following his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Wallace said that Trump arrived too late to receive a COVID-19 test at the debate earlier this week. However, Fox anchor Bill Hemmer noted that the Cleveland Clinic stated that Trump and his team had been tested extensively before the debate.

“Individuals traveling with both candidates including the candidates themselves had been tested and tested negative by their respective campaigns,” the clinic noted.

But that statement didn’t stop the Fox News anchors from speculating in order to hurt President Trump. Fox News has shown themselves to be firmly in the Biden camp heading into November’s election.

“[The candidates] weren’t tested by the clinic based on the statement, Chris, and to me, that sounds like an honor system,” Hemmer said.

“The difference was I arrived on Sunday, you arrived on Monday,” Wallace responded. “They didn’t arrive until Tuesday afternoon. So for them to get tested, there wouldn’t have been enough time to have the test and have the debate at 9:00 that night. They didn’t show up until 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon. Yeah, there was an honor system when it came to the people that came into the hall from the two campaigns.”

Big League Politics has reported on how Fox News is proud Wallace’s incredibly biased behavior against President Trump as debate moderator:

Fox News has released a statement indicating they are “very proud” of the way journalist Chris Wallace behaved at the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

“We’d like to take a moment to thank and congratulate Chris Wallace for moderating last night’s extraordinary debate,” wrote Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace in a memo.

“We are extremely proud of his professionalism, skill and fortitude in a unique situation while doing everything possible to hold both candidates accountable. No moderator could have managed a debate of that magnitude better than Chris,” they added…

Fox News has drifted left-ward over the past several years, as President Trump has acutely recognized.

“What’s going on with Fox? What’s going on there? They’re putting more Democrats on than you have Republicans. Something strange is going on at Fox! Something very strange,” Trump said publicly after South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg was promoted heavily by the network.

“Did you see this guy last night? I did want to watch, you’ve always got to watch the competition if you call it that. And he was knocking the hell out of Fox and Fox is putting him on. Somebody is going to have to have to explain the whole Fox deal to me,” Trump added.

Fox News has sold out to the globalists and can no longer be trusted. It appears that the network – with the exception of its prime time hosts – are in on the color revolution coup to oust President Trump from office regardless of the will of the people.

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