Weekly Standard Goes Belly Up, Actual Conservatives Celebrate

A formerly-relevant conservative magazine has shut down after two years of #NeverTrump commentary finally drove the majority of its readership away.

“All good things come to an end. And so, after 23 years, does The Weekly Standard. I want to express my gratitude to our readers and my admiration for my colleagues. We worked hard to put out a quality magazine, and we had a good time doing so. And we have much more to do. Onward!” said Bill Kristol, formerly Weekly Standard’s editor-at-large and the publication’s most prominent personality.

Kristol is known for ditching the GOP over the nomination of President Donald J. Trump in favor of the globalist establishment. Weekly Standard’s former readers left for more in-touch media sources and never forgave him. After 23 years in business, the publication became obsolete in just two years.

The conservative world reacted on Twitter, mostly celebrating the death of a rag that worked against the interests of conservatives who support Trump.

“The Weekly Standard folded because conservatives are tired of being force fed bullsh*t from out-of-touch, outdated elitists that think their opinions (& that of legacy media in general) are superior to everyone else’s. You won’t see a single ounce of pity coming from me over it,” said Richard Armande Mills.

“Tonight, I will toast to the end of the Weekly Standard. In fact I’m gonna toast right now. And at lunch. And at Christmas parties tonight. Basically, fuck those guys,” said former Breitbart editor Raheem Kassam.


“Cut the fake mourning. The Weekly Standard died several years ago when it told loyal readers like me to fuck off. Don’t pretend it that it was just too principled for us brutes. It told us to fuck off. And we did. So now it’s fucked. Ahoy,” said conservative author Kurt Schlictter.

This reporter had some thoughts too:

There were rumors that the magazine might merge with Washington Examiner, but that deal never came to fruition. The last issue of Weekly Standard will be published on Dec. 24.

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