Weekly Standard Staffers Celebrate Jesse Kelly’s Twitter Ban

The neocon news outlet that was infected and subsequently driven mad by Trump Derangement Syndrome has stooped to a new low: celebrating the censorship of conservatives on Twitter.

“Oh no, Jesse Kelly’s twitter account was suspended?! Who could have predicted that. [sic]” said Jim Swift, online editor of Weekly Standard. “I guess there are a few other civil war 2.0 fetishists to follow… for now.”

Basically, the neoconservative crowd is supporting censorship, as long as those censored do not share their exact worldview. Weekly Standard was founded by “Cruise Ship” Bill Kristol back in the days when his pro-interventionist foreign policy and open borders domestic policy was relevant among the Republican establishment, That crowd has since been trounced in favor of President Donald J. Trump.

“If lots of your favorite accounts keep getting suspended maybe consider that your favorite accounts probably suck. It’s not a conspiracy,” he said.

Swift failed to account for the fact that Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader who literally called Jews “termites” on Twitter still has an account. Or why there are hundreds of active accounts who that have sent death threats to President Donald J. Trump. It’s almost as if… it is a conspiracy.

“An early Christmas present to twitter users everywhere,” quipped Weekly Standard contributor Kaylee McGhee.

I imagine she thought that was witty.

Aside from the fact that Kelly is relatively mild-mannered, he is also a Marine Corps. combat veteran who once ran for Congress in Arizona and appears frequently on Fox News.

If Kelly can be banned, so can you. And it will happen soon. At least Kelly took the ban lightly.

“I had almost 80,000 followers and those poor people are now left aimlessly wandering the social media landscape in search of a greatness they’ll never find again,” he wrote in a column for The Federalist. 

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