West Point Forcing Unvaxxed Cadets into Solitary Confinement

It is no secret that millions of Americans have either been outright forced to take a COVID-19 vaccination or deal with everything short of an official mandate. Cadets at the United States Military Academy, West Point have been subjected to the extreme end of the former, with draconian rules being applied to a minority of cadets who have continued to refuse the vaccine.

Those who have elected not to take the vaccine endure forced masking all around West Point, specifically differentiating them from students who took the shot. Disgruntled parents of several cadets are in the process of organizing legal counsel for their children, with CDMedia reporting that they are “banding together to fight this perceived criminal behavior by those in power over their children.”

Per National File, a whistleblower gave a detailed account of the restrictions unvaccinated cadets must face. Cadets returning for summer programs will be forced into a 7 day quarantine with 23 out of 24 hours of each day involving strict solitary confinement, with only an hour granted to walk or run outside. It does not at all matter if the cadets are perfectly healthy, nor if they show a negative COVID-19 test; they are subjected to the requirement regardless. Initially, 700 cadets reportedly refused the vaccine. That number has now fallen significantly to around 50 after allegations of pressure by “senior officials” at the premier military school caused many cadets to either leave altogether or cave to their demands.

West Point is allegedly planning on sticking all the cadets who will not take the COVID-19 vaccine into one platoon based on how many there are. This whistleblower expressed that this may be a good thing for them, as they would avoid the bullying of fellow servicemen who have shamed them for not taking the shot. “They’re being treated like criminals,” the whistleblower added. “They’re trying to protect other people’s rights and their rights are being compromised.”

Just last year, two cadets of the Colorado Springs Air Force Academy committed suicide in succession, with students claiming that the deaths may have been attributed to strict social distancing policies in the academy. One can only pray that continued draconian policies in West Point and other parts military will not potentially spur more tragedy.

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